Мери-Кейт и Ашли Олсън ---- FOREVER ---- №1

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Мери-Кейт и Ашли Олсън ---- FOREVER ---- №1

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Интервюта / Интервю 2 (en)

Интервю 2 (en)
01.09.07 19:20
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hope their audience will follow them as they transition to the big screen with the comedy, “New York Minute.” The Olsens chose “New York Minute” as their coming-of-age theatrical project because, as Mary-Kate puts it, “The script has everything we wanted in our first film - action, comedy and heart.” Olsen fans will get to see the sisters play twins – naturally – who are dramatically different. One’s fastidious, organized and driven (Ashley as ‘Jane’), the others a rebel who wants nothing more than to succeed as a rock star (Mary-Kate as ‘Roxy’). Though they march to the beat of very different drummers, the two learn they have to work together in order to achieve their individual goals.
Since starring on the TV sitcom “Full House,” the Olsen sisters have built a hugely successful corporation, which includes a home video series, fashion line, children’s book collection, and other items marketed under the mary-kateandashley brand name. With their move to feature films, the Olsens are out to add to their massive fan base, now made up primarily of adolescent girls who follow their every step.


Did you have any anxiety about making “New York Minute” your first big theatrical release?
ASHLEY OLSEN: Right now, we are hoping that it does well and we’re hoping that people like it. We were nervous in the beginning – or excited – that it was going to turn out the way we wanted it to. Some of the reactions we’ve gotten have been really positive and that’s always a good thing. But you don’t really know until it comes out.

MARY-KATE OLSEN: Even if it doesn’t do well in the box office or whatever the case is, we have come out of this movie with so much more knowledge. We’ve learned so much doing this movie. We’ve played producers almost our entire lives in everything else we’ve created. But when working on a feature and even dealing with something like Warner Bros. or another production company, or other details that you can worry about – we definitely learned a lot.

How do you juggle three hours of school a day with producing and starring in this movie?
ASHLEY OLSEN: (Laughing) You know, we’ve been doing it for a really long time, since “Full House.” Obviously school has always been a number one priority or I’m sure we would have been home schooled or something by now. But we still go to a regular school. When we’re not working, we still go to a regular school. We have cell phones and we have a lot of people who help us. We’re constantly in contact with everyone.

MARY-KATE OLSEN: But, you know, doing a movie, everybody knows that we are in and we are out. From the time we get there to the time we leave, they definitely do it where school is every 15 minutes. We get 15 minutes of time in school then we’re taken out – even if we’re taking a test. So that does get very difficult. But when they are changing a light [on the set] or something, we have to get our school in.

The production notes say that these characters are exaggerated versions of each of you.
ASHLEY OLSEN: They are not really exaggerated at all.

MARY-KATE OLSEN: They are extreme characters.

ASHLEY OLSEN: I think we were just attracted to the different characters. I could probably find just as many qualities in Roxy as I can in Jane that I can identify with.

What characteristics do you identify with from the characters?
ASHLEY OLSEN: I could [identify with] having fun like Roxy. And of course, everybody probably has that quality. You’re uptight or stressed about something and being very driven. They are both very driven characters in the movie, just driven toward things. I think you could find different things. I’m not a germaphobe and I’m not that organized. It’s an extreme character.

Are you a bad driver?
ASHLEY OLSEN: I think I’m a pretty good driver.

MARY-KATE OLSEN: It depends if I’m on the phone or not.

Few young actors are as commercially successfully as you two. Do you ever pinch yourselves?

ASHLEY OLSEN: Of course. We do realize how lucky we are. This is so amazing. This just doesn’t happen. But we’ve also worked very hard for it, as well. It’s not like we’ve just been along for the ride. We’ve been working constantly, in school constantly, and we’ve never given up. And not because of any other reason other than we just want to succeed in certain things. That’s kind of our mindset
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